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Concierge Aesthetics

At MembersMD, our priority is providing personalized care that improves your daily living. Our intentions with providing Aesthetics services only strengthens that mission. Proper skin care is a focus for many individuals, and we want to support and guide you on that mission.

Dr. Mahapatra and Michelle Delgado completed an incredible training program in Scottsdale, Arizona and are excited to offer a variety of services that will not only promote overall skin health, but also help you to feel your best in your skin. As trained medical professionals, who may also be your primary care provider, their insight and knowledge are incredible assets to MembersMD Aesthetics.

After many meetings and diligent research, we are excited to offer the following services and products:


Microneedling, Microdermabrasion, and Micro Channeling

With many different infusion options, from clarifying to lightening, this procedure is a great introduction to the wonderful benefits of aesthetics. No down time or recovery necessary

Xeomin Injections

While Botox may be the first word you think of when you hear aesthetics, we wanted to stand out in our offering of Xeomin, which is a cleaner and longer lasting neurotoxin. From minimizing excessive sweating, to softening lines around your eyes, and filing the furrow in your brow, Xeomin is a great solution.

SkinBetter Skin Care Line

SkinBetter’s skin care line is one of the newest and best offerings out there. Their focus on quality ingredients, powerful products, and serious results were some of the reasons that lead us to choose them as our skin care line that we will be offering in the clinic. Their skin care line is sold exclusively through medical offices, and we’re excited bring their incredible products to you!

Chemical Peels

We are currently offering chemical peels through SkinBetter’s Alpha Ret Professional Peel. This peel-less peel is a great reset for your skin that does not require any down time. These peels are gentle enough that you can get them the day before a big event to give you a radiant glow.

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