Executive Health Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is the Executive Health program different than the Individual Membership program?

A. In essence it is the same philosophy and approach that we use for our individual memberships: more time with a personal primary care physician who becomes an active medical manager and health advocate. There are additional opportunities for the corporation to offer memberships as an employee benefit and to customize the annual health review by adding certain screening tests. Physicians also can be available for health topic presentations at the workplace throughout the year.


Q. How is Members.MD different from a traditional executive health program?

A. Most executive health programs only offer a one-day health exam with associated recommendations that may or may not be followed. We have designed a program that not only provides a traditional annual health and wellness review, but also delivers a personalized health program, medical manager and access to outstanding medical support services 365 days per year.


Q. What are the cost/benefit differences?

A. Traditional executive health programs range from $500 to $2,000 for a one-or-two day program. These programs push executives through a pre-defined regimen regardless of their personal history or risk factors. The Members.MD model provides personal, primary care 365 days a year, based on an individual’s needs and wellness goals for an average cost of $2,500.


Q. What’s the difference between Executive Health and Premium Care?

A. Both programs offer similar outpatient benefits relative to improved physician availability and time. The Premium Care program also includes care management in other settings such as hospitals, emergency rooms and rehab facilities. It also provides an option for in-home and at-work visits and additional support with outside referral services among other features.


Q. How do executives select a physician?

A. Members.MD will provide names and background information on available physicians and help schedule a personal appointment to interview and select a physician. Or, Members.MD can assign a physician on your employee’s behalf.


Q. Are there restrictions on which hospitals or other specialists executives may use?

A. No, there are no restrictions. Their physician may not have direct privileges at all hospitals and he/she will explain how this will be handled if they elect to use one of these hospitals.


Q. Can executives upgrade their membership from Executive Health to Premium Care?

A. Yes, they are eligible to upgrade their membership at any time. Contact our office at 402-934-6283 for more information on the process.


Q. Can executives enroll their family members for individual memberships?

A. Yes, executives are welcome to add any eligible family members at any time.


Q. Can executives withdraw from the program?

A. Members may withdraw from the program with a 30-day written notice.