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Our Concierge Physicians

At Members.MD, our team is complete with well-rounded, highly trained concierge medicine providers. From Physicians to Registered Nurses to our Physician’s Assistant – you get an entire team of providers who know you personally and who will always be there for you.  

Healthcare is extremely complicated, and you need a team that leaves no stone unturned – that answers when you call, checks with other providers you may have to fully manage and coordinate your care, spends over an hour with you at appointments, and goes above and beyond to make you feel great.  

Please view all our exceptional Omaha primary care providers – read their bios, care philosophies, and specialties by clicking on their profiles.

Joel Bessmer, MD, FACP

Founder & Medical Director

“For me, Members.MD gets back to the heart of the patient-physician relationship. My goal in going into medicine was to bring more personalized health care services to people in Nebraska. Now I have the time and resources to provide personal and comprehensive care for my patients. I couldn’t ask for more.”

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David Stearnes, DO

Concierge Physician

“I am proud to be a concierge physician because it allows me to focus on preventive care and spend more time with my patients. It is important to me to be able to practice in a model that allows me to make a lasting impact on my patients’
long-term well-being, and Members.MD allows me to do that.” 

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Jyoti Mahapatra, MD

Concierge Physician

“For years I have watched patients struggle to maintain their health while waiting weeks for appointments or being shuffled between specialists.  Out of frustration and desperation, they would end up in the emergency department where their illnesses could not be addressed long-term. I’m glad to take care of patients in an environment where they will never feel rushed or have to wait, and where visits are more than a temporary band-aid.”

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Matthew Bott, MD

Concierge Physician

“My focus as a physician is to treat the whole patient: mind, body, and spirit. To really treat the whole patient, it takes extra time – Members.MD provides the time to sit down with patients and really listen. It allows me to get back to what private practice should be: personalized and comprehensive medicine – where the patient leaves each visit knowing that I care about them personally.”

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Suzan Crabb, MD

Concierge Internal Medicine Physician

“I have come to believe that many health concerns are influenced by emotional and situational factors and that listening to the patient is one of the most critical parts of diagnosis and treatment. My approach emphasizes a healthy lifestyle, patient education, and shared decision making. I chose to practice at Members.MD because this practice model allows the time for listening, observing, education and shared decision making needed to provide the most thorough personal healthcare. I see the patient as part of their health care team.”

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Michelle Delgado, PA-C

Physician Assistant

“Everyone deserves time with their provider. Time to be seen, heard, and supported. Here at Members.MD, I have the ability to provide that.”

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Our Registered Nurses

Our Registered Nurses help make our model of care possible. In most clinical settings today, medical assistants deliver patient care. In our practice, we only use registered nurses.