COVID-19 Update #4 from Dr. Joel Bessmer

Watch Dr. Joel Bessmer's COVID-19 Update from January 28, 2021.

COVID-19 Update from Our Medical Director

January 28, 2021

In his latest COVID-19 update, Dr. Joel Bessmer speaks on the new COVID variant, COVID long-haulers, and new studies about the safety of alcohol. Watch it below.

If you need individualized information or treatment, we ask that you please reach out to your Members.MD physician directly.

Here are a couple notes for when you’re finished watching:

  • We’d like to hear your questions and comments. Please click the "Contact Us" tab on this site's navigation bar and complete the form with your questions and/or comments. We will answer your questions – either in the next video or directly, depending on the question.

  • The experts at Strada Healthcare (also owned and directed by Dr. Joel Bessmer) can help you with your COVID-19 testing needs – and for travel, too. Learn more at

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