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We Make Healthcare Healthy Again

The healthcare system is broken. So we flipped it on its head.

We Stand for Our Story

Joel Bessmer, MD, our Founder and Medical Director, is an Omaha leader in internal medicine. He taught medical students for ten years, shaping the landscape of healthcare in this city. In that time, he grew to understand that those who practice medicine are fantastic people operating in a broken system.

In the traditional healthcare system, physicians can’t offer their patients more than a 10-to-15-minute appointment where they scratch the surface of healthcare. They experience 30 patient encounters in a day, aka “speed medicine.” They experience burnout from unrealistic expectations. This starts to explain the shortage of primary care physicians across the country.

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We Stand for Relationships

We believe to our core that your healthcare can only be as good as the relationship between you and your physician.

Dr. Joel Bessmer has always known this. While operating in the traditional, broken system, Dr. Bessmer gave his personal cell phone number to his patients so they could reach him when they needed it. He never wanted to miss a beat when it came to his patients’ care.

As a healthcare leader, Dr. Bessmer knew he was meant to practice in this way. He led the creation of the Personal Service Medical Program at UNMC, the first model of concierge medicine in Omaha. This program then became Members.MD, now a completely independent concierge medicine practice, fully owned by Joel and his wife Kathy.

We Stand for Our Members

It’s exciting to have this model of concierge medicine in Omaha. The Members.MD Concierge Medicine model is different from modern primary care practices. But it isn’t new. Rather, it’s a reunion. We’re returning patients to their physicians, and vice versa.

In this model, we go back to our roots – back when both the patient and the physician invest in the health of the patient.

We Stand for Our People

Our primary care physicians in Omaha were carefully hand-chosen by Dr. Joel Bessmer because they give the highest level of care possible. Here are how their stories started, as told by Joel.

"Dr. Matthew Bott and I have been together at Members.MD for five years. Matt’s a family physician and I’m an internist so we complement each other in that way. He can give pediatric care that I can’t.  We’re similar in that we both failed out of primary care. We just couldn’t be those doctors who see 30 patients in a day and feed our souls with relationship development. That’s who we are and the type of medicine we practice."  - Dr. Joel Bessmer

"I recruited Dr. Jyoti Mahapatra out of the UNMC ER. It’s high-pressure and intense with a high burnout rate. She wasn’t burnt out in the ER but I called her with the opportunity at the right time. She’s phenomenal. She's added the ability to build relationships with our female clientele. Shes has that expertise in post-menopausal medicine, hormone replacement medicine, and more." - Dr. Joel Bessmer 

"Dr. Suzan Crabb was recruited to Members.MD in the summer of 2021. Suzan has been doing what I consider concierge medicine through Methodist Hospital for years. And finally, I think the opportunity landed in good soil. It was the right time for her to make this move. This is nothing new to her. It is, however, a different practice model for her. What we do here really augments what she was trying to do before. And now it’s rewarded and expected. She’s been a phenomenal addition to our team." - Dr. Joel Bessmer