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Beyond the Script – Hypertension: Is High Blood Pressure a Big Deal? – Episode 004

Dr. Joel Bessmer explains what Hypertension is, why more than 100 million Americans have it, and ways that it can be treated. In 2017, the AHA moved the goalpost for diagnosing stage 1 hypertension from 140/90 to 130/80. We discuss why they made this decision. Is 130/80 really hypertension, or is the healthcare system incentivized to label more people with a disease.


The Two Hour Annual Exam: Featuring Scott Semrad – Episode 003

When was the last time you had an annual medical exam? How long did the doctor spend with you? In this episode, we’re joined by Scott Semrad to talk about his experience as a new Members.MD patient, and his first two-hour exam.

Beyond The Script – Our Sick Healthcare System – Episode 002

In this episode, Dr. Joel Bessmer discusses his take on America’s “sick” healthcare system. Our healthcare system creates adverse incentives for physicians, and until we fix this, we’ll continue to struggle to inspire physicians to choose primary care.

Beyond the Script – Concierge Medicine, Endothelium, & Monkey Pox

In our inaugural episode of Beyond the Script, Dr. Joel Bessmer and Ryne Bessmer talk about Concierge Medicine, the Endothelium, and a question on MonkeyPox.