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Our Membership Levels

We work to strengthen our relationship with you so we can deliver the most thoughtful care possible. We’ll proactively deliver tailored health recommendations and help you coordinate outside care when needed. However, we try to give you as much comprehensive care as possible – as safely as possible – inside our walls.

In addition, you’ll come in every year for your annual physical, where we’ll compare your in-depth test results – like the Boston Heart cholesterol analysis – year-over-year to track your progress. We spend the time we need to continue relationship development and ask the hard questions to get meaningful insights into your lifestyle and your personal relationships.

We believe that healthcare takes as long as it takes. Our entire model reflects this concept.

Personal and Premium Care Plan Benefits

Limited Patient Panel

Annual health review

Comprehensive preventive healthcare

Same or next-day appointments

Access to physician via cell phone and email

Arrangement & scheduling of outside referrals and diagnostic testing services

Access to national concierge doctor network

Access to all physician medical staff

Wellness counseling including weight loss and nutrition

Coordination of arrangement of care by occupational and/or physical therapists

Coordination and arrangement of care by massage therapists

Physical fitness assessment if deemed appropriate by your physician

Transportation arrangements as needed for referrals and testing services

Care oversight for rehab facility, nursing home, or hospice service

Special arrangements for in-home nursing, infusion, physical and occupational therapy

Physician in-home or at-work visits for convenience

Premium Care plan only.

Membership Fees

Our full Concierge Memberships start at $250 per month. Please contact us if you would like to discuss pricing specifics.