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Relationship Medicine

The unique model for healthier results

Health Relies on the Provider Relationship  

We think of our model of relationship medicine as an investment. Our Physicians and their Members make an equal investment of time, energy, and other medical resources to improve health.  

Time and energy are two of the most valuable components of relationship medicine – a term we use interchangeably with concierge medicine. Our Physicians ask the right questions to get meaningful, personal insights into the lives of our Members. This requires transparency and honesty – it’s the foundation of building a safe relationship. It takes work – and a commitment on both ends. 

The only way our model of relationship medicine works is if we improve our Members’ health and keep them healthy. Because the Members.MD practice is not owned by a hospital, we get more time with our Members. When we have time to build relationships with our Members, we can give thoughtful care. This keeps them healthy – and overall, relationship medicine saves time and money on preventable health conditions.  

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Relationship Medicine with Dr. Joel Bessmer

Beyond the Numbers

Our concierge physicians rely heavily on our deep testing to get a close, comprehensive look at health down to the genetic level.

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At Members.MD, Care Goes Deeper

But we start to uncover who you are through relationship-building. Questions like – “How’s your job?,” “What are some habits you have that no one knows about?” – get to the heart of your mental and physical health. The “why” behind weight gain or depression is never surface level; there’s always a deeper reason that might not be easy to share. With understanding comes trust. In that trust is where change begins.