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Advanced Medical Testing

One of the pillars of care at Members.MD is a focus on preventative medicine. In our clinic we are proud to offer a wide range of advance medical testing that will give both you and your provider incredible and insightful information about your health and equip you with a deep knowledge and understanding in order to make realistic and personal goals.

Boston Heart Diagnostic Testing:

In-Depth Cholesterol Analysis

The Boston Heart is an in depth look at all the minute components that contribute to over all heart health. From familiar terms, like cholesterol and glucose levels, this test takes it to the next stage looking at lipoprotein “little a” and your level of insulin resistance along with breaking down the cholesterol families and other risk factors.

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Skin Cancer Surveillance

This advanced piece of medical equipment is used to detect early signs of skin cancer. In just a few minutes, In-Depth it is able to take a map of your skin, spot any suspicious moles, and track their growth from scan to scan or pick up a new lesion that may not have appeared on your last scan.


Body Composition Analysis

No one likes stepping on the scale at their doctor’s office, but the InBody Scanner is so much more than a weight. It is able to differentiate muscle from fat, break it down into a percentage, and even designate which areas of your body are gaining or losing muscle. The InBody is incredibly insightful for preventing falls, through noticing muscle loss over time, and allowing you to see so much more than just some numbers on a screen.

ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test

A simple blood draw that can lead to a list of all foods that are causing irritation and inflammation in your body. From foods you’ve never tried before to some that are a part of your daily life, the ALCAT is an excellent test for determining food sensitivity and assisting with overall gut health and well-being.

Carotid Artery Imaging

With Endothelial Aging

A quick, non-invasive ultrasound of your Carotid Artery to detect early signs of heart disease and risk of heart attack and/or stroke.


An innovative screener that detects early stages of over 50 cancers. This can allow for early intervention and increased outcomes.

More Information

For more information on our advanced testing, pricing, and how these tests work with your insurance, please contact us and one of our member services representatives will assist you.