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At Members.MD, we go beyond acute care, prevention, and chronic disease management. We have the time with our patients to work on maximizing their health. This all stems from our core philosophy that good medicine is relationship medicine. 

Our Approach to Comprehensive Care

Beyond Prevention

The reason we’re able to provide the most comprehensive care in Omaha is because of how we work.  

 In the Members.MD Concierge Medicine model, we win when our Members stay healthy. Our Physicians have fewer Members. They dig deep and find significant ways to maximize their Members’ health on an individual level. When we help our Members maximize their health, we so beyond basic acute care, preventative care and chronic disease management. we avoid medical emergencies that lead to prolonged, expensive care. 

Acute Care

Healthcare doesn’t stop after 5 p.m. It doesn’t wait until Monday at 9 a.m., either. When you or a loved one are affected with an acute condition, you need care right away – not in a couple of days. 

Effective acute care comes down to access. As a Member of Members.MD, it’s always easy to get ahold of your Physician and Registered Nurses. You get unlimited and convenient access to our top-notch Physicians, and same-to-next-day appointments. 

This works great for acute conditions like the flu, strep throat, a burn, lacerations, sprains, respiratory infections like the cold and pneumonia, and more. 

Preventive Healthcare

 The relationship between a physician and their patient dictates much of a patient’s health. The best way a physician can establish a patient’s risk factors is by getting to know the patient.  

A patient’s lifestyle, stressors, eating habits, sleep habits, and more tell the background story of a patient’s health. In addition, health testing can provide meaningful insights into a patient’s genetics and predictions into the future of their health. 

That can’t be covered in a 15-minute annual visit. 

Our Physicians and their Members get the time it takes to establish the “why” behind their health. Our Physician Recommended Services include advanced testing that doesn’t just tell you what’s happened but can better predict what’s going to happen. 

Chronic Disease Management

People trying to manage a chronic disease are often left in a place of confusion, frustration, and lack of guidance. As laypeople, many patients are held responsible for wrangling appointments, relaying medical information between providers, and trying to get access to the right people. 

In this confusion, the ball can get dropped and health conditions can worsen. 

Our Physicians and Registered Nurses can do more in our practice than the typical primary care providers. It always comes back to time. And when you need outside care, we’re the ones calling and consulting with specialists, setting up your appointments, and following up.   

As our Dr. Jyoti Mahapatra says – “When I first shadowed at Members.MD, I had never seen medicine practiced this way before. Here, there is no “t” or “i” that doesn’t get crossed or dotted.”  

Doesn’t it make more sense to have your very own concierge medicine physician managing – and in some cases, working to reverse – your chronic condition?  

How to Maximize Your Health

Having the time to establish a relationship and cover prevention allows our Physicians and Members to go beyond prevention and help our Members maximize their health.