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The Ultimate Healthcare Investment:

A Comprehensive Exam with Continuous Care

Unlike most Executive Physicals, Members.MD’s executive program includes a membership that goes beyond a onetime physical, providing cost-effective and convenient care that boosts employee performance and is focused on preventing disease.

Why Choose Members.MD?

  • A Comprehensive Physical Exam that will include a detailed family history, thorough bloodwork, and a deep focus on preventive health.
  • Continuous Access & 24/7 Availability to your personal Members.MD physician for one year. This means you get same-to-next-day access in-clinic, or can contact them via phone, text, or email. This can save valuable time, especially while traveling. 
  • Leading Edge Technology & Testing for genetics, cardiovascular disease, 50+ types of cancer, AI mapping of skin lesions, and much more.

  • Exclusive Access to ROAMD Travel Network for when an office visit may become necessary while traveling. Access to 75+ domestic and international high-frequency concierge clinics including New York, & London. ROAMD also supports unique consultative relationships with leading tertiary referral centers such as the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic,  Johns Hopkins, and UCSF Medical Center.

Invest in Your Executives’ Health

A Members.MD membership goes beyond the standard physical, offering a holistic approach to health management that keeps your top talent at their best.

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