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Our Registered Nurses

They Help Make Our Model of Care Possible

In most clinical settings today, medical assistants deliver patient care. Most registered nurses are found in hospital settings. In our practice, we only use registered nurses. 

It’s extremely rare to have registered nurses triaging and delivering patient care in a primary care practice. Our registered nurses come from level-1 trauma centers. Dave Bart, RN and Tera Classen, RN, and Carly Sheppard, RN are an integral part of our team.  

Dave Bart, RN

Registered Nurse, Members.MD Nursing Director

“One of my goals in coming to Members.MD was to try to prevent our patients from having to go into an already busy hospital system and do as much as we can possibly do safely inside these walls. We’re all trained and capable of performing those services. We can do more than the average clinic and do it well.

We’re proud that we keep a lot of our patients out of a hospital. In a conventional clinic, they would probably be sent to a hospital sooner rather than later.”

Tera Classen, RN

Registered Nurse

More information coming soon!

Carly Sheppard, RN

Registered Nurse

I was born and raised in Lincoln, NE and attended Lincoln Southeast High School. I took my nursing pre-requisite courses at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center-Lincoln Campus in May 2020. The first two years of my nursing career were spent in a fast-paced ear, nose, and throat outpatient surgery center, where I rotated between operating room circulating, post-anesthesia care, and patient care coordination. I am thrilled to be here at Members.MD, where I can slow down a bit and truly get to know my patients on a more personal level.

I love spending quality time with my family, friends, and two rescue dogs, Layla and Leo. I stay active by dropping into exercise classes at Fly Fitness, where I’ve worked as a member of the front desk team for almost 5 years. Hiking, skiing, or playing golf are some of my favorite outdoor activities – always with SPF applied.

I’m passionate about rescue dogs, Starbucks, Chiefs football, traveling (Colorado / the mountains are my favorite place to visit)

“To have three RNs in a traditional healthcare setting, you’d have to have 60-70 physicians.”

– Dr. Joel Bessmer

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