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Fred Hawkins Jr.

Hawkins Construction

“Every single member of my family is a member of Members.MD. After I joined, I was so happy that my daughters, my sons in law, and my wife and myself are all patients. But the main reason I’m happy is because I know that the staff, the doctors, the nurses, really do care for their patients and they know my family. It’s more than just a production line going into see a doctor, they actually know my family.

I’ve never had bad experiences in Nebraska with healthcare, but there’s a big difference between being good and being exceptional. I feel that myself and my family are getting exceptional care. There’s no question that Members.MD has made a difference in the health of my family.

I would advise anybody to sign up for Members.MD. You understand when you get older how important health is, and that it’s really the most important thing in your life. I actually think it’s the most important investment that anybody can make, and I feel that my investment in Members.MD is one of the best investments I’ve made in my life.”