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Unlocking Radiant Skin: Discover the Power of Skinbetter Science

May 26, 2023

We love to share our knowledge and excitement about our Aesthetics program.  The quality of products and services we offer is so important to us that we spent the last year providing services to a small, controlled group of employees and patients. The feedback from these patients has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our leadership team decided it was time to expand this awesome service to non-members, and we would invite anyone from the Omaha community to set up an appointment to learn more about our concierge aesthetics.  Your appointment with Dr. Mahapatra or Michelle Delgado will consist of a personalized consult about your skin, and a sample pack of our products to take home.  The whole appointment should only take thirty minutes.

Our product, Skin Better, has been going out the door as fast as we can get it.  Our providers trialed many products and skincare lines, but had no problem choosing the best of the best.  Skin Better is only available to physicians.

To schedule your complimentary aesthetics experience, please call the front office at 402-779-8400.

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