Individual Membership

Members.MD physicians are available when you need them. Membership grants you access to a personal physician who is focused on your preventive care and truly understands your needs. Learn More

Executive Health Programs

Our Executive Health Program provides your employees with a dedicated physician to guide their health and wellness 24/7, 365 days a year. Beyond a one-day physical, our physicians focus on preventive health based on an employee’s personal goals and individual risk factors. Learn More

Physician Membership

By reducing the operational challenges of establishing and running a successful practice, Members.MD enables physicians to do what they do best – care for patients. Learn More


  • Experience the new standard in personalized medicine.

Members.MD is a membership-based private health-care provider. Our model of personalized care eliminates the constraints of traditional primary care by advocating convenient and preventive medicine.

We provide affiliated physicians financial security through recurring revenue, and help members achieve their health and wellness goals with 24/7 support from an internist focused on their needs.

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  • Members.MD physician, Dr. Joel Bessmer, named a national "Top Doc" for 2013.

Dr. Joel Bessmer is named among the top 15 concierge physicians in the country by Concierge Medicine Today.

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