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Say goodbye to:

  • Delayed treatments and diagnosis causing ongoing health problems and prolonged discomfort.
  • Lines and extensive wait times for a doctor you’ve never met.
  • Unexplained treatments, unanswered questions and confusing or limited medical advice.
  • Rushed, quasi-medical visits.
  • Insufficient doctor availability.
  • Stress and worry, and not feeling the best you can.

Nice to Meet You

Members.MD is Omaha’s premier Concierge Medicine practice.

We help health-conscious people get incredible control of every aspect of their health. Our Members get the most personal physician relationship possible.

Our premier group of concierge primary care physicians, hand-selected by our Founder, Owner, and Medical Director Dr. Joel Bessmer.

Welcome to your new standard of care. Here, your Members.MD Physician gets to know you personally. It’s a place where there’s time for diligence. If needed, your Physician reaches out to your other healthcare providers to get the full picture. Your Physician stays on top of innovative developments in treatment and testing and gives you the most relevant recommendations.

You Will Never Have a Health Question Go Unanswered Ever Again

It all comes down to access. Our Members enjoy the easiest access to care in Omaha with…  

  • Priority access to Members.MD Physician via cell and email
  • Same or next-day preferred appointments
  • Zero wait times (we barely have a waiting room)
  • 30 minutes to an hour + long appointment times. Healthcare takes as long as it takes.

Our Concierge Physicians

Dr. Joel Bessmer

Owner & Medical Director

“For me, Members.MD gets back to the heart of the patient-physician relationship.”

Dr. Matthew Bott

Concierge Physician

“My patients leave each visit knowing that I care about them personally.”

Dr. Jyoti Mahapatra

Concierge Physician

“My patients never feel rushed or have to wait, and visits are more than a temporary band aid.”

Dr. M. Suzan Crabb

Concierge Physician

“My approach emphasizes healthy lifestyle, patient education, and shared decision making.”

Word Travels Fast

Our Members believe in us and the work we do to help improve their health. Their advocacy of the work we do helps grow our practice to new heights. See our Members’ testimonial videos to learn how our patients feel about their outcomes.

“Members.MD gives you access to a top-notch doctor anytime you want them. I’ll be a lifelong Member.”

Michael Cassling, CEO of CQuence Health Group